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When medical doctors were unable to help him with what felt like a parasite infestation, Bert set out to both heal himself and solve the apparent mystery. 
He sought medical help from several MDís and DOís.  
Doctors of Internal Medicine 
Infectious Disease Doctors 
Ear Nose Throat Specialist 
None of the traditional medications or therapies provided lasting relief and his symptoms escalated. 
If it looked like it might help, Bert probably bought it and tried it.  Nothing provided lasting relief. 
Rife machines, other Shocking devices, Sprayers to dispense pine oil throughout the house, pesticides, Permethrins, Stromectol, Ivermectin all did not help. 
Unwilling to accept the horrible existence created by this condition, Bert gathered lotions, creams, ointments, bath oils, bath salts, herbs, vitamins and bags of chemicals and started experimenting. 
The links to the left will take you to pages describing the products he developed to restore his own health.  Knowing first hand how horrible these symptoms are, Bert is offering his therapies to others who need them.
As always, Bert sends his Gel free of charge if you truly need it but canít afford it. 
But remember, Bert are just a petroleum engineer. 
This means that Bert is not qualified to provide any medical advice to you and therefore doesnít. 
This site is just his non-medical OPINION of what he thinks happened to him personally.  Bert cannot diagnose what is wrong with you.  If your symptoms are similar to his, then try his products. 
Otherwise, if you need medical treatment, find a medical doctor to treat you.  
Good luck with that.