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Text Box: Morgellons is a Gas 

I am a petroleum engineer.  I have suffered from the condition known as Morgellons for more than 8 years.  I was forced to self-diagnose after many medical doctors refused to treat me.  The few doctors willing to examine the evidence did not know how to diagnose my condition and were unable to help me. 

I was desperate.  If I heard of something that might help me, I tried it.  Finding nothing, I concocted a messy salve of sulfur and other ingredients that enabled me to sleep without suffering.  Then I worked with a renowned pharmacologist to refine and improve my gel until it was acceptable.  The first commercial batch was manufactured and made available to others seeking relief in 2010.  Bertís Gel is still available in Regular and Xtra Strength at my online store.  

I have funded research and developed other therapies seeking to cure myself of this horrible condition.  Research resulting from my efforts has been presented at medical conferences in multiple countries, including the February, 2012 meeting of American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (ASENT) in Washington, D.C. and the February, 2013 Rare Disease Conference, hosted by National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, MD. 

Morgellons is a condition in which cells retain carbon dioxide gas until a saturation level is reached and CO2 vents out directly through the skin.   This causes a multitude of side effects and attracts insects.  

Cells produce CO2 as a byproduct, which is normally carried to lungs and exhaled.  When suffering from Morgellons, cells retain CO2 until the accumulation exceeds the pressure required to bubble out through the skin, producing a multitude of side effects.  A spongy fibrous mass can build up under the skin, which will seem like a fat buildup. 
Unusual sensations are caused by the movement of CO2 gas through the skin.  In some places, the CO2 will feel like something moving or crawling.  Other places, it will feel like a sting or insect bite. 
Other sensations are numbness, twitching, pulsation, tingling, aching, burning, pins & needles.  Most victims will also feel a vibration, which I am not yet able to explain. 
More research is needed.  Medical doctors, and especially dermatologists, need to be informed that this condition is real and that diagnosis can be made by visual observation of sores, microscopic fibers and descriptions of symptoms. 
The only bugs visible will be those attracted by the smell of the condition.  When CO2 is percolating out of the skin, a reasonably intelligent person may describe the sensation as bugs moving on the skin.  Movement or twitching may be observed, but not bugs. 

Mister dermatologist, this description does not give you justification for declaring that person to be mentally incompetent or delusional. 

Our misery has been compounded by the failure of the $600,000 multiyear cdc investigation of this disease.  Officials from government agencies are aware of my research.  Their continued silence is deafening. 
I believe the cause of this condition, once public, will result in too many law suits and large settlements. 

Bert McDaniel, P.E.  
Licensed Professional Petroleum Engineer by choice, 
medical investigator by necessity.

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