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As Bertís health began to deteriorate, he started seeking out remedies.† Through his own observations, Bert believed there was an electrical component to Morgellons that could be exploited.† After praying that he would meet someone knowledgeable of electrical and magnetic fields, Jim contacted Bert asking what could be done to help Morgellons victims.† Together, they modified a device Jim had previously developed and made a Variable Frequency, Pulsating, Magnetic Pad that lays on top of a mattress and works while you slept on it.

The 3-coil magnetic pad simply lays on top of the mattress and beneath all the sheets to completely envelop a person in a magnetic field† The coils are powered by the special control box, where specific frequencies are selected and inputs determined.

It worked!† It kicked Bertís healing process into high gear!† Every morning, he awoke in better health after a restful nightís sleep!† It was as if the magnetic pad was cooking the unhealthy toxins and foreign invaders out of his body!

Now Bert feels great and is back to pre-Morgellons condition!† He still uses his Pad every night and has a single coil pad for his office chair or in his Jeep while traveling.†