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Text Box: The Gel was developed specifically for Neurotoxic Spongi-Fibrous Syndrome,   aka, Morgellons

The Gel was the first product Bert developed to help him deal with his Morgellons symptoms.  After a lot of experimentation, he discovered that sulfur worked well to subdue the symptoms.  He took his homemade product to Jim Dews in Mineral Wells and asked Jim to help him to refine and improve the Gel.  Jim is an exceptionally knowledgeable pharmacologist with many years of experience. 

During the next 6 months, many protos were developed and tested before the first formulation was developed and the first large batch was run. 

Minor refinements were made during the next 2 years as Bert thought of ways to enhance his Gel.  Every modification resulted in an experimental batch being made for Bert to test before deciding if the change was beneficial. 

Bertís Regular Strength Gel is the 3rd formulation while the Xtra Strength is the 4th formulation.  Additional modifications are not being considered at this time, but you are welcome to play with it. 

Lotions, oils, alcohols and other substances can be mixed with the Gel to suit your unique needs.  Experiment with a small amount of Bertís Gel and see how you can improve it.  Try mixing bath oil into either Gel. 
Text Box:  IMPORTANT!  

Bertís Gel is a special skin cleanser.  The Gel seems to assist your skin in shedding waste material.  Persons with Morgellons seem to have a lot of material trapped in their skin that Bertís Gel helps to expel. 

Knowing that this may happen to you, plan ahead the first time you use Bertís Gel.  Set aside a few hours when you can stay at home close to the shower. 

Take a hot shower and wash yourself using your favorite soap and shampoo.  Towel dry and apply Bertís Regular Strength Gel from scalp to toes.  Rub on a thin layer of Gel everywhere, except your eyes, and then let dry.  Wear loose fitting pajamas or a robe and watch TV or read a book or take a nap for about 2 hours.

After 2 hours, see if you feel like you have lint all over your body.  If so, take another shower and reapply the Gel.  This time it may take longer before you need to shower again.  If you canít tell whether you have expelled any material, stick a piece of scotch tape on your skin, pull it off and hold it up to light.  If you see a lot of specks, then you might want to look at that tape under a microscope.  It is likely you will see a lot of fibers. 

If you have had Morgellons for years like Bert had, it may take 4 or 5 applications over 2 days for your skin to purge all the material trapped in it.  The good news is that now you have a way to help yourself!  Shower morning and night and always apply Gel after your shower. 
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health hair.