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How was Bertís Spray Developed?


The Morgellons mystery needed to be solved.† Many thousands of humans worldwide were suffering horribly while research was focused on the wrong elements.


Frustrated by the delays, Bert commissioned his own research during the summer of 2011.† He asked Dr. Alphonsus Ekwerike to conduct research to identify the cause of Morgellons.


Significant progress was quickly achieved.† Dr. Ekwerike named the condition Neurotoxic Spongi-Fibrous Parasitic Disorder.


The pathogen was observed, which provided clues as to how it might be killed.† Dr. Ekwerike formulated a blend of oils that could be applied topically that might suffocate it.† Bert tested it and modifications were made until it was ready for public distribution.


If you are serious about getting well, you need Bertís Spray.† Apply Bertís Spray directly to skin and scalp 2 or more time every day.† Be careful that you do not get Bertís Spray in your eyes.† It cannot be used in eyes and cannot be taken internally.


Apply Bertís Spray with a dropper or a spray bottle.† Spray Scalp to toes and massage into skin.† You will feel it working!


New Spray is Ready and In-Stock!

This Spray was developed directly from the research that I commissioned and is now being offered to you at 3% over my cost.  I spent more than $35,000 to produce this batch of Spray.  That does not include the cost of research.  I doubt that it will ever be cheaper than this, but I am certain it is worth a lot more.  As I recover my investment, I plan to remake Spray and fund additional research.  There are still many questions that need to be answered. 

I have been testing and modifying the Spray for about a year.  It was too strong and it burned too much, like alcohol on raw skin.  We lowered the pH and took most of the bite out of it.  Still, I suggest you dilute it with distilled water the first time you use it.  As you get used to how it feels, you can lessen the dilution.

What should I say?  I did the research and developed this Spray specifically to help us all.

My Gel had kept me whole for years and then the Spray helped me to improve even more.  I think the Spray will help you, too.  Don't wait.  The longer you delay, the longer it will take for you to feel better.  You will know as soon as you apply it if my Spray is going to help you.† Order my Spray right now and you will feel it working immediately!†

Start getting better!   -Bert