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Text Box: According to Jim Dews, LEMON & CREAM OF TARTARô with SULFUR was first made by Red Arrow Company in Waco Texas in 1908.  I found information online that put the date at 1916.  Whichever is correct, these have been used now for a century by people who donít like to be bitten by mosquitos, chiggers and other bugs.

Will they keep bugs away from you?  I donít know.  I chew up 1 or 2 a day hoping to keep my skin clear of sores and bug bites, and because I like them!

Since I started carrying these in my store, Iíve heard a lot of stories about generations of families using these for all sorts of reasons.  I wish I could list all the reasons these are helpful, but your government has laws in place and Nazis out patrolling making sure my free speech is denied.

My public claim to you is that these LEMON & CREAM OF TARTARô with SULFUR wafers do not cure or treat any medical condition.

You may find Grandmothers, Pharmacists and Nurses that would tell you otherwise. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting these, I have them and can sell them to you. 

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